BANNER FOR chad marvin website and olive vineDavid Meece with Chad Marvin will be in concert on Sunday, September 23rd at Valley Shepherd Church of The Nazarene in Meridian, Idaho.

Concert Promoter: Olive Vine Recording Company

Tickets are available online through iTickets.com.   Advance: $18 / Door $25 

Or call: 800-965-9324

Two artists in concert sharing powerful testimonies of healing making for one life-changing evening.

David Meece is a legendary artist with a story of growing up in an alcoholic family, believing he was truly worthless, this feeling caused by the words and actions of a drunk, abusive father. Trying to commit suicide twice in his teens, he finally came to a place of healing when he was able to forgive his dad.

Chad Marvin is an artist quickly on his way to the contemporary Christian music mainstage, with a story of recovering from alcoholism – how his church and his family held on to him with abandon through a very dark time in his life. Much of his alcohol abuse came from believing that he was a failure for turning left when he should have turned right, grieving over circumstances in life which he, in truth, had no control over.

This will be a concert you won’t want to miss.